The greasy, yet delectable rolled taco is among some of the best Mexican food choices in El Paso. What if there was a way to get both a rolled taco—or flautas, as some refer to them—and a healthy meal?

Taco Avocat snuggled on the Far East at 2114 North Zaragoza, reimagined a rolled taco to give it a healthy twist prepared with high-quality ingredients. They are open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, while drive-thru orders can now be placed up to midnight. Taco Avocat can cater any event with hundreds of tacos, even in short-notice situations.

Born and bred in El Paso, CEO and founder Jacob Cryderman spent three years on the creative process before he opened Taco Avocat six months ago. Stereotypes against healthy eating fly out the door when you experience Taco Avocat for the first time.

“The product is built for everyone. We get the working man during the week at lunch; we get the millennials over the weekend, and then we’re building the family packs because we want to replace pizza,” said Cryderman. “It transcends food. Then the health twist: high-quality protein and good quality from the earth fat, like an avocado, makes you feel good throughout your day. We’re hitting every group and they all love it.”

Walking in the restaurant, one is greeted by a modernized establishment with an all-inclusive feel to it. It feels out of the ordinary for El Paso; almost El Paso in the future. Even when you step up to order, the customer is greeted with an easy-to-use touch screen kiosk, which allows precise customization and leisure when ordering.

Their rolled tacos truly stand alone in their creation. Of course, there are the signature beef, brisket and chicken rolled tacos, which are slow cooked to perfection and considerably filled inside the taco. Then come the more ambitious tacos, such as the pork (carnitas), sweet potato, potato and bean rolled tacos. Vegans or meat lovers, no matter; Taco Avocat has a selection for you.

The sides that compliment the tacos accordingly, like the homemade queso, the buffalo cream cheese dip, sour cream and the guac, which has a smooth lime finish. On top of all this, Taco Avocat offers sweet potato chips as a healthy alternative to chips or fries. The sweet potato chips pair flawlessly with the homemade queso as a substitute for your standard chips and dip.

Everything made in house is fried in avocado oil, a natural oil cold pressed from the fruit and not the seed of an avocado. The reasoning behind using avocado oil is that it processes naturally through our bodies and makes you feel full without any unwanted additives.

After biting into one of them, there is a crunch and then an immediate satisfaction once tasting the rolled taco. Each taco is stuffed with a moist and plentiful serving of protein, a pleasant surprise compared to other flautas that El Pasoans are used to eating.

Then you are left with an array of customizing your meal just how you like it. Dip a beef rolled taco in the guac, pour some of the queso on top of the tacos or even maneuver the sweet potato chips between buffalo cream cheese and queso for an added experience to the side.

One of the first things you realize upon finishing the meal experience at Taco Avocat is the full effect from the food. It’s not the roll-over-full feeling where it feels like your stomach is going to explode. The full feeling is more of an energetic sensation that makes you feel genuinely better and more active afterward.

Taco Avocat is more than a twist on fast-food. It is the wave of the future for Mexican food—healthy eating, modernized and above all, a tasteful experience that will have you anticipating your next trip out to Taco Avocat.