There are two things regarding traffic El Pasoans can agree on: (1.) it's always jacked up, and (2.) there are way too many accidents.

There's one part of town in particular where you're way more likely to get into a wreck than any other side of town, and that's far east El Paso. Getting around there isn't only unpleasant, it can be down right dangerous.

Especially along Joe Battle.

According to recently collected data from El Paso P.D., the three most dangerous intersections are on that particular stretch of road.

#3: Joe Battle and N. Zaragosa

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#2: Joe Battle and Montwood

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#1: Joe Battle and Edgemere

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The Joe Battle and Montwood intersection also made the list of the most dangerous intersections in all of Texas per a Houston-based law firm's study that sifted through four years of collision data from TxDOT to identify crossroads having a greater than average number of accidents, injuries and deaths statewide. Joe Battle and Rojas, and Joe Battle and Montana were singled out as well.

El Paso’s 10 Most Dangerous Intersections:

10. N. Mesa and Remcon/Montwood and N. Zaragosa (T)
9. Gateway East and Hawkins/Gateway East and Corral (T)
8. N. Mesa and N. Desert Blvd
7. Joe Battle and Rojas
6. Joe Battle and Pellicano
5. Joe Battle and Montana
4. Hawkins and Gateway West
3. Joe Battle and N. Zaragosa
2. Joe Battle and Montwood
1. Joe Battle and Edgemere