Could an Amazon distribution center be headed to El Paso? Well, there are a lot of pieces that seem to fit together to form a puzzle of an Amazon distribution center happening. Here's what we know according to the El Paso Times:

1. Documents filed with Texas and El Paso agencies that seem to point to plans for an Amazon center to be build in far east El Paso along Rojas Drive and Eastlake Boulevard.

2. Jobe concrete has applied for an air quality permit for a temporary concrete batch plant where the possible Amazon facility is supposedly going to be built. The founding partner of Jobe Materials, Stanley Jobe, said the air quality permit is for an Amazon fulfillment center but he isn't sure of the status of the air permit, or when the job will start.

3. A national construction company has submitted a bid to be the general contractor for the proposed construction of the distribution center but because of "Amazon restraints" would not release the name of the company or her name.

Here's the fly in the ointment of a possible Amazon distribution center. Neither El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego nor El Paso Mayor Dee Margo said they know about a proposed Amazon project. Samaniego said the County is not involved such a project and Margo said he has also not been involved in any discussions about an Amazon facility.

If an Amazon facility is built here, it does a lot more than just bring about 1,000 jobs to the area with a $15 an hour starting wage, it gives the City and County options. If a huge business like Amazon is willing to not only bring a center like this to the area, but build in order to accommodate that move, it has to see the possibility of an employable pool of talent in the area. It also has to see the kind of infrastructure needed to handle the kind of output an Amazon facility would have.

Hopefully this comes our way. It would help buffer the bad post-COVID 19 local economy.

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