Well, 2020 has taken another event and thrown it in the trashcan.

The Sun Bowl Association announced that they are putting the WestStar Don Haskins Sun Bowl Invitational on hold for this year. The basketball tournament was canceled because they couldn't get enough programs printed in time for the tournament. Just kidding, it's being canceled for the same reason why so many other events were canceled this year.

Thanks COVID.

Sun Bowl officials say this is only the second time in 59 years that the basketball tournament has not been played. According to Sun Bowl officials, this year would have seen three defending conference champions at the tournament but as the event got closer and closer, "It became apparent that these three schools would not be able to participate next month." Officials say they are looking forward to an even better event next year.

For right now, the Sun Bowl football game is scheduled to kick off at high noon on December 31 as it has for the past few years in Sun Bowl Stadium on the UTEP campus. There will be social distancing requirements and you will also need to wear a face covering if you go. If anything changes with the Sun Bowl game we will keep you up-to-date online and on the air. If you would like to get updated information on other Sun Bowl events, you can go to the organization's website by clicking here. You can also follow the Sun Bowl organization on their social media sites on Facebook and on Twitter.

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