WHAT HER VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT MEANS:  More than any other holiday, what a woman gives her man on Valentine's Day can become the source of endless speculation on their true feelings and intentions. So God Bless the fellas at AskMen.com for decoded the meaning behind some of the most common gifts for men ...

Grooming Products. A nice shaving set shows that she wants you to keep up your appearance, probably so she can show you off to all her friends.

Cologne. She's just trying to make sure you smell amazing whenever the two of you are together.

Electronics. An electronic item like a new smartphone or iPad shows that she's really into you, and wants to stay connected whether it's over email, text, or phone calls.

Intimate Bedroom Gifts. Adult-themed bedroom games and edible novelties show she's totally willing to get wild between the sheets.

A Classy Watch. A nice watch is a BIG DEAL. Since you're probably going to wear it every day, it's going to be a constant reminder of her. This chick is seriously into you.

Source: AskMen