If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day date night idea that’s not the usual mushy-gushy dinner date, consider shaking it up and getting ghosted instead.

But not in the rejected without closure kind of way. More like in the hold-your-honey-tight fright-night that's anything but cliché.

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Southwest Expeditions will be hosting a Valentine's Lockdown adventure at the historic and haunted Old Dona Ana County Courthouse in Las Cruces -- the same building the Travel Channel show “Ghost Adventures” investigated in 2017.

The Haunted History and Menacing Mystery of the Dona Ana Jail

Southwest Expeditions
Southwest Expeditions

Built in 1937 and abandoned in 2008, the jail on Amador Avenue is said to be inhabited by a shadowy figure nicknamed "Bubba," and a lady named Mary Waters who is said to have died there in 1951.

Although Ghost Adventures is the first nationally broadcast paranormal TV show to film inside the vacant jail, local groups have conducted investigations there long before Zac Bagans and his crew showed up.

Ramiro Galvan and his crew at Paranormal Research Investigations El Paso have wandered the maze-like hallways of the old Doña Ana County Courthouse and Jail on numerous occasions dating back to 2011, and have documented all kinds of spooky activity over the years.

Shadow figures, disembodied laughter and voices, and loud menacing footsteps are among the spine-chilling captures they've made.

What to Know If You Plan to Gho(st)

Southwest Expeditions
Southwest Expeditions

According to the event post, the night will start in a second-floor courtroom with music, Hors D'oeuvres, complimentary wine, and a few dating games. Afterward, a guide will lead you by candlelight into the jail area where the unique lockdown will begin.

You and your date…will be placed inside your cell to experience all of your 5 senses! Your Touch, Taste, Smell, Sound, and Visual senses will all be explored as you and your partner are in your cell during lockdown.

After you are released from your cell, you will be escorted to the ‘Enchanted Burning Wish’ fire pit in the old prisoner's exercise yard.

• Saturday, February 11
• 5:30 to 8 p.m.
• $41 per person, plus tax
• This is a couple's event, 21 years or older

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