THREE GREAT VALENTINES DAY SURPRISES YOU'VE STILL GOT TIME TO PULL OFF: OK, guys, let me guess ... between the Super Bowl, Snowmageddon, and your concern over who's going to pay for all the havoc it wreaked, you haven't had a chance to make V-Day plans yet, right? Fortunately for you, I found some ideas on the Askmen website you still have time to pull of ...

Cook her favorite meal.This is great because it shows effort, it shows a personal touch, and it shows you know what she likes. Make everything nice and romantic - candles, CLOTH NAPKINS,and good wine are key - and she won't care you're not at some fancy restaurant.

Take her shopping. Women love to shop. So rather than going through the frustrating, aimless struggle of buying her a gift, give her a shopping spree. But make sure you GO WITH HER, and be the perfect gentleman: hold her purse, don't complains too much about the price, and above all don't ask if she's almost done yet!

Revisit your first date. If you've been together for a year or more, revisiting your first date is a fantastic way to bring the romantic memories back. If your date was at a restaurant, see if you can get the EXACT same table you guys had. If you saw a movie, rent that movie.