Two things return Wednesday, the El Paso Chihuahuas open a 7 game home stand, and another headache from the construction projects. However, get ready for a new one…the Streetcar Project arrives at the Ballpark.

According to the El Paso Herald Post:
“On Wednesday, June 6, 2018, crews from Paso del Norte Trackworks will be stringing wire along Glory Road and Baltimore Drive across Mesa Street. This work will only require intermittent lane closures throughout the day and will include a police escort.
Other work will take place along the 4.8 mile route which includes Franklin Avenue, Kansas Street, Father Rahm Avenue and Santa Fe Street in the coming weeks.”
That means the section of track right in front of Southwest University Park, on the very street that you take to get to the Convention Center parking garage, might be a little backed up because of this work. But how many games have been a chore to get to (or from) because of I10 closures, Paisano closures, downtown closures…basically any of the numerous headaches as a result of the advancements and renovations."

Still, loyal Chihuahuas fans will as they have since this all began, find a way to get there to cheer the Ears. The upside is that when the Streetcar Project is done, fans will have yet another option for getting to the Ballpark, and if you’re luckily enough to live reasonably close to the route, an option that totally avoids drinking and driving. The dogs should make a special promotional t-shirt for these people- “Don’t judge my consumption. I took the Trolley!”

Disclaimer: 600 ESPN does not condone excessive drinking, but understands it happens. So let us simply say it again, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.

However feel free to drink and drive after excessive amounts of non-alcoholic beverages, and if you do, please use the restroom before getting behind the wheel. You never know when a shutdown will have you sitting on some roadway masquerading as a parking lot. That happens too…and only A LOT during recent times.

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