We see it every day, from our Facebook feeds to our Instagram pages, local socials are filled to the brim with bad drivers! You can't seem to go a day without scrolling past a video of some new car accident, speeders cutting people off, or road ragers racing each other off the highway. At this point, some El Pasoans are saying this is just a part of the culture. It's almost like one of the ways the city speaks, bad drivers are part of El Paso's toxic love language and it's clear to see that people are getting fed up with it.

The city's go-to social media page for daily updates, @therealfitfamelpaso, is flooded with multiple posts per day about reckless drivers. Some might say it's just social media doing its thing, but countless El Pasoans talk about it in real-time.

“I got cut off today by some jerk swerving through traffic at 100 miles an hour!”

“I saw a car get t-boned by a speeder running a red light this morning…”

“A tow truck with a car connected to it flipped over in front of my job yesterday!”

These are common accounts about the state that El Paso's driving situation is in. One that has citizens concerned about even getting on the highway, making so many people’s commute to and from work even that much more frustrating. Not only do people have to be concerned about leaving on time and fighting the traffic, but now you also have to watch out for those crazy drivers who don't seem to have any regard for the other people on the road.

What do you think? Are the roads getting a little too dangerous or do people just need to be better drivers?

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