Who doesn't like a nice smooch?! And they're actually good for you!

#4.) Like most physical activity we encounter on a daily basis, kissing burns calories. A quick romantic kiss is said to help burn around 2 to 3 calories while a passionate kiss can burn 5 or more calories. That means the longer and more passionate the kiss, the more calories are burned.

#3.) Kissing has long been recognized as a good way for our bodies to pass along bugs that help build immunity. Once you've contracted a bug, your body then learns to strengthen itself despite showing symptoms of a cold or flu. Kissing merely helps expedite our immune system-boosting processes.

#2.) Whether it's a quick peck on the cheek before heading out the door in the morning or a long passionate kiss that marks the completion of a marvelous date, kissing is a commonplace activity. The average person spends approximately 20,160 minutes of his/her life kissing!

#1.) Did you know that kissing creates feel-good chemicals in our bodies that help us feel relaxed? Research shows that kissing increases levels of oxytocin in our bodies, which is a natural calming chemical, and increases endorphins. Dopamine levels can also increase, leading to happy feelings of romantic attachment.

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