Some parents in El Paso are learning how to get back into the back-to-school groove. One of those lessons we have to learn all over again is how to handle back-to-school traffic.

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As for me, I had forgotten what it was like to be dealing with back-to-school traffic. This past year my son was home-schooled so didn't have to deal with the craziness on the streets.

This year I basically had to learn a new route at my son's new middle school which was insane. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of parking on a street where the majority of traffic flows.

Hell, I think by now a lot of us should be used to traffic in the borderland. Luckily we have traffic on I-10 or either all the construction being done on roads to train our patience.

In the past years, I had noticed some El Paso drivers don't have the patience for school zones. For example, in 2019 tons of drivers would fly through Crockett's school zone on Copia Street.

Also parents, please advise your kids to use crosswalks if you choose to drop them off on the street across from the school. A couple of kids almost gave me a heart attack when they popped out of nowhere from the parked cars. Hence, why there are school zones that advise drivers to go slower than usual.

Then again that is pretty much how almost every school zone is. But there are some important rules you need to keep in mind when you're dropping off or driving by a school.

If you're someone who rushes through back-to-school traffic, think about it as if your kid was crossing that street. So, I figured I would share Safe Fleet's YouTube video to share some safety road tips below.

Hopefully, the people who do speed in school zones are caught and ticketed.

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