We've all had experiences with bad drivers in El Paso. Someone cuts you off in traffic, or they tailgate you, they run a red light... it's something that's given El Paso a reputation of having some of the worst drivers in Texas, yet alone the country.

Just how bad are the drivers here in El Paso? Enough that there are literally DOZENS of compilations showcasing our most...gifted drivers. You can also see where are the most accident prone areas in El Paso.

But we're not the only Texas cities with video compilations dedicated to these wonderful drivers.

Dallas/Ft. Worth certainly has plenty of contenders of terrible drivers.

We have many from our capital: Austin.

Heck there's even a channel decided to the worst drivers in Houston.

There are plenty more video examples you can find through a quick search on YouTube.

The most interesting thing is when you ask online, "what's the city with the worst drivers in America?", people on Reddit even admitted that El Paso is not ALWAYS #1 when it comes to having the worst drivers. We have bad drivers but we're not always considered to having the worst.

It gets even more interesting when you factor in the research: According to this survey on World Population who ranked all 50 states to find the worst drivers, Texas is in the top 10 but we're not number 1. We're tied at the #7 spot & ranked a little higher than New Mexico, who sits at #9.

But that's one study; another one claims that Texas & New Mexico are TIED for having the worst drivers in the United States. However you want to look at it, it's pretty clear that we have an epidemic of bad drivers in our state.

So yeah... Texas has bad drivers. But which Texas city has the worst ones? The Texas Accident Firm website put their top 10 of where the worst drivers are in Texas (and yes we're in the top 10). To make things even weirder, 2 Texas cities made this list of the BEST drivers in Texas. Of course that's just opinion of course.

Bottom line... Texas is NO stranger to just... absolutely LOVELY driving. The debate on whether or not Texas has the worst or best drivers will continue for a long time. El Paso may not have the worst drivers but boy let me tell you... sometimes I feel we certainly do.

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