Would it surprise you to know that contrary to local belief, driving in El Paso is not all that unpleasant?

That despite the constant and continuous road construction, pot holes, and drivers who act like they’re in a Fast and the Furious movie the 915 is one of the top cities in the U.S. of A to drive in?

It is, according to Wallethub.

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In a new study detailing the best and worst cities to drive in, the financial website concluded the Sun City offers a better experience behind the wheel than 90 percent of the 100 largest cities in America.

Per Wallethub’s annual data crunch, El Paso is damn near a driving paradise.

Now before you demand a recount and start listing the number of ways El Paso drivers suck, you have to understand the rankings have nothing to do with tailgating, lack of courtesy, non-use of blinkers, or any of the other numerous things people on the mean streets of El Paso do to tick you off on the daily.


To determine “Best & Worst Cities to Drive in (2023),” Wallethub looked at data in the “key” categories of Cost of Ownership & Maintenance, Traffic & Infrastructure, Safety, and Access to Vehicles & Maintenance.

The study also took into account 30 “relevant metrics” such as hours spent in traffic congestion, cost of vehicle ownership and maintenance, rate of car thefts, and share of uninsured drivers -- all of which El Paso scored fairly well in.

Although I honestly don’t know how we can score high in an 'uninsured drivers' category unless its 'the most number of.'

Best Cities to Drive In 2023

Iris Lopez
Iris Lopez

The study concluded that driving in El Paso, the land of eternal road construction, where Orange Barrel Slalom is a sport, could be a lot worse and isn't as bad as the locals make it out to be.

The 915 was ranked the 12th best city in the nation to drive in, and the 5th best in Texas.

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