Okay, people who love to rock a torn shirt or holy jeans, even possibly some thin leggings as pants to their child's school, this new rule is aimed at you. According to a CNN report, James Madison High School in Houston, Texas will implement a dress code for parents who will be stepping on school grounds.  Which we all probably have a story from our grade school days about someone's guardian coming in with some odd choice apparel. No one ever points it out.

Until James Madison High School Principal Carlotta Outley finally said enough is enough to her students' parents in a letter. According to this new dress code, parents will be prohibited from wearing leggings, sagging pants, low-rider shorts, short dresses, and low cut tops, as laid out by CNN. 

This new dress code wasn't created to just pick on what parents are wearing, Principal Outley wants parents to dress like role models. According to Principal Outley's statement, she believes the school is preparing students for their daily lives and future so they should know the proper way to dress at all times, which starts at home.

Schools are not Walmart, people. Keep your PJs at home. I understand the frustration of some parents who think this dress code is unfair. It is hard to get your hair perfect so early in the morning so sometimes you need to keep your curlers on to drop off the kids. Problem is you are still presenting yourself to the public, which half dressed wouldn't cut it if you showed up to work or a church service like that.

No word if any El Paso schools will be following Principal Outley, but if anyone had any good chisme on the weird things they have seen during morning drop-offs, events, or any school function, feel free to share it with us, through the our free 93.1 KISSFM app. 

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