One Mike and Tricia listener got the Mike treatment when she tried to explain why some women shouldn't wear leggings in public.

It all started with this email from a listener who heard a story we did on a Houston principal who put a dress code in place for parents.

The emailer agreed with the principal, but it all went hilariously south when Mike tried to interpret what our caller was saying! Listen to what she calls him at the 1:10 mark!


Hello guys! I heard you talking about that school pricncipal in Houston who has banned parents from wearing certain things when dropping their kids off at school or conducting business on school grounds.

So I hear Mike make the remark that leggings are not pants and shouldn't be worn as such. I have to agree. Leggings ARE NOT pants.

Ladies, I don't care how toned you think your legs are from your super dooper squat workouts, or how nice you think your behind looks in them, just don't do it. Look, I get it. We've all been there, feeling too lazy to find pants and loving how comfortable leggings are. The important thingnow is to realize our transgressions and to go the extra mile to find and put on actual pants.

Let's try and rid the world of camel toes by keeping our leggings paired with tunics and dresses.

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