Thursday on Mike and Tricia Mornings we posed the question, Should schools require masksor should they follow the governor's lead and get rid of them? We had a lot of really good feedback from our listeners via the free 93.1 KISS FM mobile app. You can get more information on the app by clicking here. Listeners gave us their opinion and for the most part it seems like El Paso teachers and parents would rather that our local school districts maintain mask use in school.

I think that masks have proven their worth not only in slowing down the reported cases of teachers and students with COVID but also in almost stopping cases of the flu altogether. Officials were worried that flu cases would put an even greater strain on hospitals that were dealing with COVID patients but that hasn't been the case. Masks work. Hopefully our school districts will keep the mask mandate in place. Here are what some of our listeners app chatted to us about masks in schools:

From Sol:
"I'm an aide at YISD and I hope they require students to keep their mask on. I have people at home who have underlying conditions."

From Esther:
"As a teacher, I have already told my students that I will be requiring then to wear a mask. They know I am immunocompromised and that I cannot get the vaccine. As it is, they remove their masks in the room to eat and drink and then are willing to continue with the policy in my classroom."


From Rob:
"School districts should absolutely require masks. Parents have the option to remote learn if they don’t want their kids wearing masks. Parents have to send their kids to school in uniforms and don’t complain."

From Veronica:
"School districts should require staff and students to wear masks. We worked so hard to get the majority of people to wear masks and now they aren’t requiring them! That’s BS! Schools are all about safety first and masks help protect the spread of Covid19!"

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