City Senior Centers reopen with A/C, Bingo, and Loteria, keeping older residents cool while providing much-needed social interaction.

The heat is on - this week alone, El Paso temperatures hovered in the triple-digit spectrum, and as summer officially starts today, we will be experiencing more extreme weather in the next few months to come.
With these extremely high temperatures, the City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department opened the first phase of ten (10) City Senior Centers last week to help keep senior residents cool and safe as they pose a bigger risk due to extreme heat dangers, including heatstroke.
The Senior Centers will open once a week to allow older adults to stay cool and have a place to socialize and participate in activities such as Bingo and Loteria.

The centers will be open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Tuesday or Thursday.

Senior Cooling Centers Tuesday Schedule:

  • Pavo Real - 9311 Alameda
  • Happiness -  563 N. Carolina
  • Hilos de Plata - 4451 Delta
  • Eastside - 3200 Fierro
  • Memorial Park - 1800 Byron

Senior Cooling Centers Thursday Schedule:

  • San Juan - 5701 Tamburo
  • Grandview - 3134 Jefferson
  • Wellington Chew - 4430 Maxwell
  • Polly Harris - 650 Wallenberg
  • South El Paso - 600 S. Ochoa

The centers will also be observing COVID-19 health and safety guidelines at all times with a capacity limited to 80 percent. If demand exceeds this level, staff will create timed sessions for games and socializing to ensure all seniors have access to cool-off at the centers.
According to the Department of Public Health and Office of Emergency Management, it postponed the opening of the cooling centers because 80% of older adults (60+ older) who contract COVID-19 are at a higher risk of dying from the virus.

To learn more about City Senior Centers, visit the Parks and Recreation at

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