Hi, I’m Mike and I’m a scary movie scaredy-cat.

For those who love horror movies, this is the most wonderful time of the year. Just about every network and streaming service is either running some kind of horror movie scare-a-thon or has a special category devoted to the genre.

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But a scary film fan I am not. Horror flicks are usually a hard pass for me. They are way too intense for this guy. Heck, I can't even stand the suspense of using a toaster.

If you're a scary movie scaredy-cat too, but this year you’re ready to put your big girl panties on, face your fears, and attempt to embrace the Halloween scares, let me pass on a few tips that have helped me power through the horror flicks I’ve been able to watch almost to the end; admittedly mostly through my fingers.


Figure out which type you can handle – I would rather watch the gory stuff than the psychological thrillers that slowly build in intensity. You know, the type with long hallway scenes where you never know if or when something is going to pop out. Jump scares are no Bueno in my book

Look up spoilers – This is a trick I learned from my wife, who Googles everything she watches. Look up reviews about that particular movie and find out what happens, who dies, and where the spooky scenes are. In this situation, spoilers actually help ease the dread and anxiety.

Fast forward and mute are your friends – If the carnage or suspense becomes a bit much, there’s no shame in hitting fast forward, muting the terrifying music, covering your ears, or leaving the room to put on a fresh pair of undies. Your friend/spouse is going to laugh at you anyway. Plus, soiled knickers are uncomfortable.

Daylight is also your friend – Everything is scarier in the dark, so watch it during the day. I like to keep a window shade open to remind my brain that Michael Myers is not lurking outside my house. If you have to, just haaave to watch at night keep the lights on. The movie isn’t any less scary, but at least you won’t trip over anything when you run out of the room to put on a fresh pair.

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