Leave it up to a couple of horror movie fanatics to not let something as trivial as a global pandemic stop them from opening up the business of their dreams, or in this case, nightmares.  Coffee House of Hel began operating in June during a time when other businesses were either closing their doors or dialing back operations.

Located across the street from Hanks High School at 2200 N. Lee Trevino, this unique coffee shop has various themes such as zombie day, vampire day, and witch day and pairs those themes with movies played in the shop and special coffee drinks.  “Summon the Darkness”, “Bloody Brains”, and “Killer Clown” are among the drinks you might find at this spooky, yet cozy locale on the eastside of town.

Now that September has come around, Halloween fans in the city might find this a fun way to get into the spooky spirit while helping out a local business at the same time.  It’s good to see local business owners finding a way to open and continue operating at any time, to open up during a pandemic takes guts (probably somehow on their drink menu).  I’m looking forward to checking the place out for myself.

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