Show of hands, who reading this loooves horror flicks?

Yeah, no, that’s a hard pass from me. Once upon a time I tried, but they are just way too intense. Yes, I’m a scary movie scaredy cat. The few I did watch scarred me for life.

Horror movies have that effect on people. A recent survey conducted by OnePoll found that fifty-two percent of American’s surveyed say the thing that frightened them from having watched a scary flick back in the day has the same effect on them today.

So, what don't or won't you do anymore because of a scary movie you watched?

Below is a sampling of responses from fellow traumatized ‘fraidy cats when we posed the question on Mike & Tricia Mornings.

Sol Gomez: Look under my bed at night, check behind the shower curtains when I don’t need to, sleep uncovered

Susie Torres: Don’t like to pull curtains back in the night...afraid there will be something looking back with creepy eyes

Zarité Salvatore: Ignore a kid when he says there is something strange on his bedroom. They're always right!

Vanessa Gonzalez: Use the light of my cell phone in the dark. Or look towards the corner of a room when i turn the lights off

Becky Sednek: I don't stick my hands anywhere I can't see the other side

Vanessa Gomez: Sleep with the closet door open

Marina Rojas: Look at the eyes of people in paintings

Marisa Medina Velarde: Have my feet or arms dangling from the bed. eekkkkk

Roxana Angulo: buy an oval mirror

Susanna Dlf: walk down a long hallway

Anais Sustaita: Look in a mirror at night

B Lynette Odom: Swim, camp, hike, play with dolls, stare into a mirror, Ouija boards, go to college… all them folks die.

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