Once upon a time I tried watching horror movies, but they are way too intense for this guy.

The few I did manage to sit through scarred me for life and now there are certain things most people don't think twice about doing that I avoid at all costs.

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Like hanging mirrors around the house. A vanity staple of mine at one time, mirrors are now in my mind a reflective portal for sinister apparitions to move about my house. The only mirrors I have now are in the bathrooms.

It sounds silly, I know, but horror movies have that effect on some of us.

What don't or won't you do anymore because of a scary movie you watched? Below is a sampling of listener responses from fellow traumatized ‘fraidy cats of things they've sworn off doing after a terrifying viewing experience.

Monica Silva
Sleep in pitch darkness because of all of them

Might I suggest motion-activated lights and a live-in priest, Monica.

Janiné Lynn
Sleep with a closet door open

Selene Gonzalez
Hang my feet off the edge of the bed

Josie K
Use anything but clear see-through shower curtains

Yep, I too prefer the funk over a shower curtain that could be a potential hiding place for a knife-wielding maniac. Thanks "Psycho."

Trude Jonsson Stangel/Unsplash
Trude Jonsson Stangel/Unsplash

Handibal Lecter
Look at my clock in the middle of the night. I used to wake up at 3 am ever since I saw Exorcism of Emily Rose and it would happen every single day until I stopped looking at the time

Paulina Garrissiere
Walk down any hallway in the dark. I always remember that scene from the second Conjuring movie where the Nun is at the other end of the hallway...and yea...NO THANK YOU!

Susan S.

Dolls. I don't keep any around the house anymore after watching "Annabel."

Good move, Susan. Dolls, especially antique dolls, are all plotting your demise. Throw them out, or box them up and put them in the garage where they can plan their takeover in eerie silence.

Elijah Sargent via Unsplash/Thinkstock
Elijah Sargent via Unsplash/Thinkstock

No single movie did more of a number on our collective psyche though than the "Final Destination" series. Those movies traumatized so many of us. Here are some of the things El Pasoans said they will no longer do because of one of the morbid franchise:

Nadine Mings
Drive behind semi trucks period. Don't even like driving next to them

Daniel S
Drive with water bottles. That whole bottle under the brake pedal got me good.

Nancy Morales

Lay in a tanning bed, Final Destination 3

Keep it spooky, El Paso, and keep the lights on and the shower curtains pulled back. Muahahaha!

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