Movie nights happen all year round, but when Halloween season creeps up, you can't skip on binge watching tons of horror movies. Luckily, Netflix is packed with horror movie gems.

Growing up with Nightmare Before Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Halloween being watched religiously every year, it's time to expand my Halloween horror movie marathon list. Don't get me wrong, the originals are always going to be the go-to movies for a cozy night with the boyfriend. Unfortunately, those movies are not available on the only platform we have to watch movies. Blockbusters are gone, so us broke millennials have to settle for using someone else's Netflix.

Netflix has helped expand the horror genre to tons of viewers due to their original content and allowing low-budget movies to have a platform. You could pick any horror movie on Netflix and not be severely disappointed. I have already done some research and have created a list of movies that are surely going to give you some chills, thrills and possibly nightmares.

Gerald's Game

The highly blogged about Netflix Original, Gerald's Game is a Stephen King novel that has been adapted into a great film. After reading about the rave reviews of the movie, I was setting my standards pretty high when watching it. It completely passed all of them. It's a great movie that creeps you out, while making you question your sanity. The ending is so shocking (unless you have read the novel) but beautiful done.


Yeah, clowns are always a terrifying thing but Jon Watt's Clown has a different take on the traditional evil funny guy. The story focuses on a hard-working father trying to make his son happy by dressing up as a clown, but he can not take the suit off. Shockingly, his son actually loves clowns. As the story unfolds that completely changes, as the suit begins to change the father into an old ancient child eating clown.

The Rite

As if Anthony Hopkins isn't already terrifying from playing Hannibal Lecturer in Silence of the Lambs, here he is in The Rite. I usually have an issue with PG-13 horror movies, but the story in this one is so good, I can overlook it. Demonic possession movies are a definite nightmare creator for those into religion.

John Dies at the End

This movie is for those more open-minded and into the witty horror. John Dies at the End is a trippy horror movie that helps bring comic relief to all the scary, gory things happening. It's a cult movie you just have to give a try, trust me you won't be disappointed.


VHS is another cult movie that puts viewers in a place of realism. Filmed as if these clips were home movies, the movie is a mashup of short terrifying stories that will make you question any other VHS tape you will find from now on. I would also recommend VHS 2 and VHS viral. It's a franchise I admire for it's take on a modern horror movie.


Your teen years might not have been the best, but at least you didn't fight the devil. In Deathgasm, you get the possession with a few good laughs. The gore is tremendous but it makes it feel like it's so ridiculous, that possession couldn't be true. I say this because some moments will freak you out, you want to make sure this couldn't happen.


This film creeps my out due to the gross idea of how the zombie virus came to be, but it is a story that keeps you into the film. The movie focuses on Samantha who faces a traumatic experience after a night of partying, which ends up changing her life in more than one way.


One of the most overwhelming movies I have ever watched has to be Hush. This movie is for those who don't really like gore or slasher movies, because the story is what keeps you intrigued. The plot focuses on a deaf writer who decided to find some inspiration for her book in an isolated forest; but a murder is lurking outside her door.


Okay, hear me out about this one. It's really hokey. Yes, zombie beavers don't seem so scary but they actually are. Those big teeth ripping through flesh is exactly what nightmares are made of.

It Follows

One fo the most critically acclaimed horror movies of our time is It Follows. It is another movie that isn't filled with gore and killing, it's focus is on the connection with the characters. The concept involves a weird killer ghost thing that follows people only after sexual activity. I still believe they should show this movie and Contracted to students in sexual education classes.

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