SANTA IS HERE!! Well, he was here for a few special guests at the El Paso Children’s Hospital.

Jolly old St. Nick made a pit stop at The Laura & Pat Gordon Family Advanced Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to spread holiday joy and snap some Insta-worthy pics with the tiniest patients on the nice list.



The photos will have you awe-ing because well, aren’t we all suckers for a cute baby photo no matter the holiday?

In two photos the precious little newborns are still sleeping as they snap a photo with Santa and in another precious photo one of the newborns is wide awake and it seems as if the little one is trying to tell us to keep the fact that he met Santa a secret. 

Maybe because he doesn't want the other kids to be jealous!


This September, El Paso Children's Hospital hit the neonatal jackpot with the redesignation of The Laura & Pat Gordon Family Advanced Level IV NICU. Translation: they got the highest recognition from the Texas Department of State Health Services – it's like the neonatal version of winning a golden ticket! 

Whether it's critical illnesses, complex medical hiccups, or just a case of the adorable baby hiccups, this NICU is armed with a full arsenal of pediatric magic to ensure every tiny tot gets the VIP (Very Important Preemie) treatment they deserve.

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