An 18-year-old Riverside student is out on bond after filing a false police report about two cheerleader uniforms. Gina Nicole Torrijos told El Paso Police that a man had broken into her home and stolen the uniforms. Police say they were told by the cheer coach at Riverside that she had turned one in, but not the other. Eventually, Torrijos was taken into custody on a $5,000 bond. When her story hit the media, it caused a furor, but not about the false police report. People on social media were really angry that the media had released her mugshot and reported the story.

There were comments on virtually every news station Facebook page that asked why her arrest was considered news. There were other people who asked why her mugshot was released when all she did was make a mistake. The real question here is, why do we want to gloss over the fact that this young woman lied to the police and misused resources just because she didn't want to turn in a uniform? If your home had been broken into and police were out looking for the non-existent burglar of Torrijos' cheerleader uniforms, wouldn't you be a little upset about it?

Everyone makes mistakes, that's a given, but we also need to learn from our mistakes. If your kid stole a piece of candy from the store, would you make them take it back and face the consequences for what they did? That is all that happened to Torrijos. Hopefully this has been a scared straight moment for her and she thinks twice about lying to the police in the future.

We need to stop protecting our kids from life's little bumps or else they are going to get run over when real life comes at them.

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