Mmmmmm, posole. There is nothing like a nice, warm bowl of the cousin to menudo. It’s got hominy and usually shredded pork roast, red chile, onions, and none of the nasty tripas that you have to dodge in a bowl of menudo. The thought of delicious posole is what got one guy in so much trouble, that his own mom pressed burglary charges against him.

Back in 2015, Jonathan Carlos Ray called his mom and said he wanted some posole and was on his way to her house to get some. She told him no because she had made for her kids, but apparently Jonathan was not included on the list of people who were welcome to it. When his mom got home, he ran into the house, grabbed the pot of posole, and then took off. His mom later realized that he tried to break into her house and had damaged her garage, and that’s when she called the police.

She pressed burglary charges against Jonathan and said that he was not welcome in her home because, “he needs help”. There is some good news for Jonathan – a judge dismissed the charges against him. Unfortunately, we don’t know if he is still not welcome at his mom’s house, or what happened to the posole.

Great. Now I’m hungry. Let’s make a run to L & J’s.

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