Who could have thought a year ago on a beautiful Saturday morning that so much would have changed just a year later? Who would have thought that El Paso would now be counted among cities that have had to deal with the shock and pain of a mass shooting? Who could have imagined that a sick, twisted, pile of garbage would drive across Texas to kill people who have done nothing to him? Who could have foreseen the damage that day did to us all?

One year later, we are still reeling from the loss, but we are moving forward. Victims have been helped out by money donated by El Pasoans and people all over the world. Memorials were held, prayers for peace of mind for the families and others who were affected have been offered up. Sadly, the national news media who camped out behind the Walmart and kept El Paso at the forefront of their newscasts for weeks, never made a peep about the first anniversary of the Cielo Vista Walmart massacre. President Donald Trump never mentioned it either. Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted a statement that read in part:

"Flags are at half-staff in the County of El Paso in memory of those who lost their lives in a senseless and hateful attack one year ago today."

Presidential hopeful and former Vice President took the time to record a video for El Pasoans. He lost his wife and one-year-old daughter in a car accident in 1972 and his son Beau to cancer just a few years ago. He used his experience with loss to offer words of hope and encouragement to not only the families of the victims of the Walmart massacre but to all El Pasoans. It's a lovely video. I hope it offers people a bit of peace.

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