Team Fort Bliss officials and members of The Directorate of Emergency Services will conduct a grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony.

The ceremony will take place on Monday, April 15th at 1 p.m. at the intersection of Sergeant Major Blvd and Anzio Way on East Fort Bliss.

The approximately 52,000 square foot facility will be a combination Police, Fire and Emergency Services facility and support all law enforcement and security functions as well as a two company fire station and the DES headquarters that will support the entire installation.

The new facility is the first DES built to support a large installation and will be the standard for all DES facilities in the future within the Army.  The cost of the construction project is approximately $16.5 million.

This new DES complex will provide "one-stop shopping" for all law enforcement and security related issues while at the same time provide a significant fire fighting capability that is required to support the major growth of East Fort Bliss.

Flickr/USACE Europe District