Fort Bliss and William Beaumont Army Medical Center have been in the El Paso area for many years, and with the addition of a new hospital campus, WBAMC officials want to honor that history with artifacts from its time here.

Beaumont's lead historian, Anna Stewart said they are looking to gather historical items because they want to give the local community an opportunity to contribute to Beaumont’s history. The historical items and stories will help preserve the facility's history of patient care throughout the years, and give people who spend time there an idea of how important both Beaumont and Fort Bliss have been to the El Paso area and to the troops who have been stationed here.

Stewart told KTSM, “This is an opportunity for local veterans and family members to become a part of history and leave their footprint at the new hospital."

If you are interested in helping to fill out Beaumont's historical archives, you can send a picture of your artifacts to or call the Public Affairs office at 915-742-6006.

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