So your plan to make Valentine’s Day a special day for your lady ended up being more of an epic fail, huh? Or worse yet, you didn’t heed the calendar or her hints and didn’t plan anything at all.  Here, then, are a few tips on how to beg for your honey’s forgiveness.

1. Try humor. Put yourself down in a funny way and let her agree with you.
2. Try shedding a tear or two. If you get emotional, she'll believe that you're truly sorry.

3. Promise to make it up to her as soon as possible. And then make it up to her sooner than later. Like this weekend.

4. Punish yourself and make yourself as miserable as possible to show her how sorry you are. Miss a night out with the guys or watch “Project Runway” instead of the b-ball game, for example.  

5. Write her a letter explaining how much you messed up and how sorry you are.
6. Buy her an expensive gift. If all else fails, buy her something nice or nice and shiny.