Yesterday, a torrential downpour canceled Cool Canyon Nights at McKelligon Canyon stranding crew, staff, and vendors as the band played on.


More rainfall flooded El Paso yesterday afternoon, wreaking havoc on roadways and even canceling Cool Canyon Nights at McKelligon Canyon Amphitheatre.

The rain came before gates opened and brought on a deluge that stranded everyone prepping for the free Thursday music series.


Vendors and crew rushed to get out of the rain as the bands hurriedly tried to cover their equipment before it got ruined by the downpour.

Once the rainfall subsided, the road leading up to the amphitheater was treacherous as the runoff from the mountain filled the roadway dips with water and mud, and rock debris.


As everyone became stranded in the canyon, vendors such as Delicious Mexican Eatery set up shop and fed everyone on site. Kona Ice became the lifeline of the afternoon as they were the only ones who had a working phone line to contact the city to have the roads cleared while giving out their raspas / shaved ice.

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And that wasn't all - Dusty Low, the main act, also took it upon themselves to grab their instruments and played as they walked around looking for stragglers and folks who had to pull off the roadside.


In the midst of all this, I attempted to make my way from the radio station off Executive to the canyon, but by the time I left, the rain was coming down in West El Paso.

I left about 4:30 p.m., and the rain was coming down so hard that by the time I got to the downtown area, I had to pull over.


I never did make it to Cool Canyon Nights - and while it sucks that we didn't get to hang this week, I'm glad that everyone was safe. Major props go out to the fine folks from Kona Ice, Delicious Mexican Eatery, Aqua Innova, Dusty Low, and the rest of the mud gang who stuck together and made it out safely albeit cold and soaked by the end of the night.

Join us next week as we welcome Broken Dime Band - check out the rest of the Cool Canyon Nights schedule HERE.


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