El Paso definitely needed the rain it especially feels nice to cool off a bit. Although it may be nice to water down our desert city it can be worrisome for some. The ones that worry about a rainstorm rolling through El Paso are those living in a flood zone.

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Now living in a flood zone is the worst because on rainy days you never know what to expect. We also certainly remember and won't ever forget El Paso's flood in 2006. Some families had DVD rentals magically float up to their driveway because of it.

My family's house happened to be one of them back then. There were DVDs scattered all along the road and front lawns on Isabella Drive. After severe thunderstorms, a temporary waterfall managed to form on the Westside of town.

So we all know the Westside also has its own share of flood zones. But on Sunday, El Paso received some rain that stopped a Chihuahuas game. Now certain areas had rain here and there but not for a long amount of time.

For example, parts of the Northeast had 20 to 30 minutes of rain and the outcome was crazy. Jimmy Newman shared photographs of his neighborhood after the rain and it filled quickly in such little time. The rain does help us take a break from the heat but can also be a hazard for some.

It's sad how some people worry about the rain instead of enjoying it like the rest of us. Share your opinion if you worry about a lot of rain in El Paso especially if you live in a flood zone in the poll below.

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