In El Paso, we know what certain parts of town to avoid when it is raining heavily. For example, last night on my way home I had my first dose of driving on the freeway as it began to flood.

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Most of us are pretty familiar with the parts of El Paso we need to avoid during heavy rainfall. You should know by now Gateway West just before Bassett Place gets flooded pretty badly.

Of course, that isn't the only area that is terrible to drive through during a flood. El Paso has tons of spots that are just the worst to be in while it is raining.

Now we think we have it bad here in El Paso, just imagine how bad it gets in Ciudad Juarez. On Monday evening it poured down like crazy on the Eastside and especially in Juarez.

Just across the border, they don't exactly have the best drainage system when it pours. Ciudad Juarez can get brutal when there is a flash flood and yet they drive like nothing is wrong.

Just refer to the Natural Disasters TV's YouTube video above that shows cars and motorbikes driving like nothing. Plus, Reporte de Puentes shared a couple of videos of yesterday's rainy madness on the streets.

The street Bblvd Juan Pablo II flooded so bad it looked as if the person driving was riding on the lake. Also, in another video shared by Reporte de Puentes, you will see the water is to the hips of the locals in Juarez below.

In my personal opinion, I feel Cuidad Juarez has it worse than El Paso after watching the videos above.

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