A woman in her mid 30's has been tested positive for the Zika Virus here in El Paso. According to the El Paso Times, the unnamed woman recently traveled to South America where it is believed she contracted the disease. Epidemiologists warn that even with the cooler temperatures, that the chances of contracting the virus from mosquitos is still active.

It is encouraged that anyone who may be traveling to Zika-affected regions including certain areas of Florida, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Pacific Islands, Asia, and U.S. territories take strict precautions against being bitten by mosquitoes. Also, since the virus can be transmitted sexually to practice abstinence or safe sex. The woman's positive test result is the third travel-related Zika case in El Paso so far this year. No word on far along in her pregnancy she is.

Men possibly exposed to the virus should wait at least six months before attempting to conceive with women or having sex without condoms, and women with possible exposure should wait to conceive until at least eight weeks after symptom onset, if symptomatic, or after the last possible Zika virus exposure, if asymptomatic. -- El Paso Times

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