Chico's Tacos. El Pasoans either love them or hate them.

You would think that because they're such an El Paso thing, everyone who has lived here all their life or even for a number of years has tried them at least once.

But you'd be wrong.

Believe it or not, Laughterhouse Comedy -- a group of local comedic entertainers, writers, directors, improv groups, and public speakers -- found four people in El Paso who have never known the culinary pleasure of the rolled-flautas-floating-in-tomato-juice-covered-in-government-cheese, and convinced them to give Chico's a try.

"Living in El Paso, we are always surprised about people's reactions to local foods," reads the video description. "So...we had 4 non-Hispanic people come try Chico's Tacos and all it's liquidy goodness for the first time."

Check out the video below and see if any of them had the same reaction you did the first time you tried the people's tacos.

[Warning: Video littered with F-bombs and S-bombs]

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