This has always been on my bucketlist! And now it is a check mark! So much fun and an unforgettable experience!

When I was informed that I may have the chance to ride in a hot air balloon I was super stoked! I arrived early and was told my pilots name. Mr. Alex Clark from Roswell, NM was the man to take me on a life long dream!

The whole experience was amazing...from getting into the balloon to the landing. It was a breathtaking 35 minute ride! El Paso is beautiful from 700ft up and there is silence all around you. Here are my pics and if you didn't make it out to the balloon launched you MUST next year! It certainly is a sight to see!

God Bless America! And a heartfelt thank you to all of our troops and their families.

What was your highlight of the three day weekend? Did you go to Balloonfest 2013?


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