Happy Easter from KISS-FM with this video of Patty and Monika playing Chubby Bunny!

You’d think that stuffing marshmallows in your mouth and trying to say ‘Chubby Bunny’ or in our case ‘Fluffy Bunny’ wouldn’t be as hard as you’d think. Well it is.

I was sure I could fit at least eleven marshmallows in my mouth all the while still reciting ‘Fluffy Bunny’ and not swallowing any of the soft, sugary marshmallows.

To my surprise, we both stuffed fewer marshmallows than expected, but you too can easily try this game. All you need is a bag full of marshmallows, a few napkins and someone to play with. It's fun, easy and you can eat all the marshmallows you want.

Happy Easter from our KISS-FM family to yours!



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