Over the weekend a very enthusiastic Patti LaBelle fan posted a video eating one of LaBelle’s sweet potato pies and now the pies are completely sold out!

The video, posted by James Wright on YouTube has gone viral with over 2 million views since it went up on Thursday, November 12, 2015. While the pie sells at Walmart for about $3 and change, the pies are now being sold online for as much as $45 a piece and since Wright’s video posted, Walmart has sold out of the pies completely and are hoping to get more on the shelves before the holidays.

In the video you see Wright singing and dancing and truly enjoying his sweet potato pie saying that when you taste LaBelle’s sweet potato pie, “You'll turn into Patti after eating this”.

LaBelle has since reached out to Wright to thank him for his great review and even complimented him on his singing.

We can only hope LaBelle will be shipping Wright a case of her sweet potato pies and cutting him check for being the reason her pies are flying off shelves everywhere!