If there is one think I've never been able to understand the appeal of, it is marshmallow peeps. They used to be just an Easter thing. Those pale yellow baby chick Peeps look sweet and adorable in a kid's Easter basket but ever since I was a kid and tasted them for the first time, I knew they weren't for me.

As time has gone by, Peeps have been made into shapes for just about every holiday out there. There are Valentine's Day Peeps, Halloween Peeps, and Christmas Peeps. As you would suspect, Valentine's Peeps come in heart shapes, Halloween Peeps come in ghost, black cat, and heart-shaped jack-o-lantern shapes, and Christmas Peeps come in Christmas tree, gingerbread man, white baby chick, and snowman shapes. I had no idea they had so many different kinds of shapes, but this year, there will be no Halloween or Christmas Peeps made, and next year, you won't see them until Easter.

The Peeps peeps released a statement saying because of the COVID-19 pandemic they couldn't make Easter peeps earlier this year, and now they say that in order to be ready for an expected large demand for Easter peeps next year, they are going to concentrate on 2021 Easter peeps manufacturing from here out.

The Peeps peeps don't just make marshmallow candy, they also make Mike AND Ike candies, Hot Tamales candies, and Goldenberg's Peanut Chews candies. You can log onto the company's website by clicking here to order those candies and check out all the things you can do with Peeps.

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