Cinnaholic opened a location in El Paso and I made it to the grand opening a few days ago to find a wild line. Normally I would have been impatient and said to myself that I’d come back another time but my instincts told me I needed to chill out and wait to try the latest in VEGAN delicacy to grace the Sun City.

Yeah, I was shocked too when I found all of Cinnaholics ingredients are 100% vegan including the sugar that is used. The Cinnaholic website explains that commercial sugar is filtered with bone char. My interest peaked so I had to try everything.

My top 3 favorites have to be Lemon frosting with Coconut & Raspberry! I like lemon cake so this was a nice surprise at how savory the interesting combination was for me. Second, marshmallow frosting with chocolate chips and third orange frosting with raspberries and blueberries. I would definitely recommend being adventurous in your frosting vs topping combinations since everything is so freakin’ tasty!


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