We might still be in the 90s for temperatures right now, but that doesn't mean you can't get ready for the El Paso autumn season. Other parts of the country might have hot girl fall with their Uggs and pumpkin spice lattes but we here in the 915 have way better ways to celebrate the change of the season from summer to fall.

Here are a few things that you absolutely need for the perfect Hot El Paso Fall:

1. Your abuelita's recipe for albondigas - You could do a pot of caldo de res but that takes a lot longer than albondigas and unless you plan on cooking on the weekend albondigas is a viable weekday dinner. You'll need to get your abuelitas recipe because everyone's is different and if you tell me mine isn't like hers I'll have to smh.

2. Abuelita's hot chocolate - If you've never had a cup of Abuelita's hot chocolate you are really missing out. It is less sweet than American hot chocolate and it has a really warm hit of cinnamon but not so much that it overwhelms the chocolate. It really is a treat.

3. Roasted chiles - If you know, you know. The smell of roasting chiles in the fall in El Paso is unmistakable. It's like everyone is getting ready for chili con queso con rajas and tamales or brisket on a weekend while watching football. There is nothing like that smell or that taste.

4. Your mom's recipe for posole - I'm not a menudo girl. I cannot get past the tripas. I love, love, love the flavor of menudo but when I make it I usually cut the tripas into big pieces so they can be fished out. Posole, on the other hand, I will eat all day and night in the fall. A bowl of posole, a toasty bolillo and a cup of coffee on a cool Saturday morning? Pos si, como no?

5. A trip to Bowie Bakery - If you are going to make a cup of hot Abuelita chocolate, stop at Bowie first and get some pan dulce. No self-respecting El Pasoan is going to have one without the other while sitting around their mom's kitchen table at the end of a meal.

6. Pot of beans - I love to make a pot of beans on a Saturday afternoon and then put them into plastic containers and freeze them. That way when you want a plate of nachos for a snack or a pile of refried beans with your Sunday morning huevos rancheros all you have to do is defrost and mash them. Nothing better on a fall day.

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