Sports Illustrated just came out with the results to a poll they gave their readers. The NFL's most overrated players. Is your team player on the list?

nfl overrated players
Patty Campos

In a poll involving 180 NFL players, Tim Tebow was voted "most overrated" by a large margin, with 34 percent of the vote. Although I like Tebow, he is not a franchise quarterback. He's not even a starter this year. Tebow is an average NFL player who gets  more media coverage as elite players like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Here is the top 5 "most overrated' players:

1.) Tim Tebow

2.) Mark Sanchez

3.) Tony Romo

4.) Michael Vick

5.) Ray Lewis

Now is it just me or do 4 of these players have something in common? Ding ding! They're all QB's! All but Ray Lewis are recognized QB's in the NFL and I think so much more is expected from them when at the end of the game they are as human as the rest of us. They all put their cleats on one at a time. And of course Romo would be on this list. He always gets media attention regardless if it's bad or if its BAD! Give the guy a break. He's leading America's most loved to be hated team in the NFL. That's my quarterback yo!

In my book, I think Dez Bryant should be in the top five for sure. I know, I know, he is on my team but the Dez Bryant bandwagon has officially lost a wheel and tooted its own horn way too many times. Dropping passes that could have been easily caught at key moments in the game just ain't gonna fly anymore. Shape up or get out.

So, what do you say? Are you an average SI reader and agree with the list? Who would you add and why?




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