For the first time in years, 600 ESPN El Paso will take SportsTalk on the road. The show will be originating this Thursday from Burlington, Wisconsin and the screening of the new Tony Romo documentary "Now or Never." Longtime SportsTalk supporter Longhorn Distributing is sponsoring the live broadcast from the Plaza Theater in Burlington.

A former Audio Production student of mine at El Paso Community College, Chris Hanna turned his senior project at the Santa Fe University of Art & Design into a 93-minute film on Romo's Wisconsin roots. The story is told through Romo, his family, and former high school coaches and teammates.

Chris Hanna.
Chris Hanna.

Hanna has been working on "Now or Never: A Tony Romo Story" for more than two years, and he recently received funding to complete the project. The documentary will be screened in El Paso on Sunday August 4th as part of the Plaza Classic Film Festival.

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