The Noodle Man is back in El Paso this weekend with another mouthwatering Pop-Up serving up his generational Thai cuisine.

Noodle Man

Back in May, Dream rolled into El Paso and sold out in less than 4 hours, so this time, The Noodle Man will be in town for 2-days giving El Pasoans another chance to try some of the best Thai food on tour. (Yes, it's that good!)

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The famed Noodle Man, Dream Kasestatad, currently based out of Austin is the chef and owner of Pranom Pop-Up, a traveling Thai street food pop-up set to return to Old Sheepdog Brewery in El Paso this weekend.

The chef who grew up around his parent's Thai restaurant gained notoriety after being featured on the cover for Eater and LA Weekly magazine's food section. Soon after, his fan base grew after a pilot show based on his real-life, titled "The Noodle Man," began streaming on Amazon Prime.

Before the pandemic, The Noodle Man was a steady fixture at various festivals such as SXSW, Beal Street Festival, movie premieres, and TV shows. Since then, the famed chef continues serving up his divine Thai cuisine taking over boutique hotels, breweries, bars, and restaurants all over the country.

Noodle Man

The Noodle Man is a one-person show and will be keeping the menu super simple, mainly because he is a one-person multi-tasker from prepping to cooking the food. As a result, the menu will be stripped down to one option per day:

Saturday, July 17th Menu - Rad Nad:

  • Thick rice wok stir-fried with chicken, Chinese Broccoli, mixed greens, eggs, chicken, bean sprouts, dry Thai chilies, straw mushrooms, lime citrus in a thick soybean sauce. A vegan option with tofu will also be available. No modifications.

Sunday, July 18th Menu - Pad Thai:

  • Thin rice noodles wok stir-fried with chicken, pickled turnips, bean sprouts, chives, roasted peanuts, dry chiles, eggs, and lime citrus.  A vegan option with tofu will also be available. No modifications.

Both dishes also pair well with any of the available craft brews at Old Sheepdog Brewery, featuring a unique "The Noodle Man" special edition beer can label.

Old Sheepdog Brewery

If you missed out on the last time The Noodle Man was in town, then I suggest that you make plans to stop by Old Sheepdog Brewery because this is one legit Thai dish you won’t want to pass up.

  • The Noodle Man Thai Food Pop-Up
  • Old Sheep Dog Brewery / 3900 Rosa Ave. 79905
  • Saturday & Sunday - July 17 & 18, 2021
  • Food service begins at 12 p.m. until sold out
  • Cash and CC accepted
  • First-come, First-served
  • Please let the cashier know if you have a peanut allergy - No modifications except for peanut allergy.

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