Hueco Tanks State Park closes 29 park areas after newly discovered pictographs.

Texas Parks and Wildlife released new information regarding new pictographs at Hueco Tanks State Park and thus has closed 29 different areas of the park. The discovered images were made possible by using new image technology, the D-Stretch. This discovery will allow for preservation of the Native American rock art.

So what do these images convey and what was their purpose? Well, according to Texas Parks and Wildlife, “The majority of the pictographs found are in the Jornada style, named for the prehistoric Jornada Mogollon culture of western Texas, southern New Mexico and northern Mexico. These Native Americans were the first farmers in the region and it is believed that they created these paintings about 550 to 1,000 years ago for use in prayers for rain.”

What an amazing discovery – if you’ve never visited Hueco Tanks you are missing out on a beautiful, one of a kind experience. Get out and explore it this summer!

For complete information about Hueco Tanks State Park visit their website at Texas Parks and Wildlife.



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