Whitney Billings, a new mom in Las Cruces started  a website called The Zesty Nest. It was at first her own outlet for everything "mom" since having her little boy Xander. From blogs about parenting, recipes, family events and just a cool place for new parents in the area to check out. It is now turning into something much bigger than just a website. It is becoming Las Cruces' first local parenting magazine!

Myself being a new mom, I was stoked about this and even more excited when Whitney asked me to become a part of it! I will be a blog contributor and can take any local family event details for the events calendar. Advertising opportunities are also available as local pediatric clinics, Consider Delivery - Delivery Services and even Toucan Market have already all become a part of the newest and latest magazine in Las Cruces! The magazine will have it all from relationship write ups, recipes, family friendly events in the area, and much more!

We will be publishing our first issue January 1st, 2017 with 4,000 copies around Las Cruces available at doctor's offices, Toucan market and other businesses parents frequent in Las Cruces. Be on the look out for The Zesty Nest Parenting Magazine in Las Cruces!