Meet A. Billi Free a new performance artist that will blow your mind with just the first listen.

As someone who has worked with music for many years; it’s not easy to be impressed or for that matter be wholly intrigued by just any artist and their music. However when it came to A. Billi Free the net was cast and I was drawn in.

Based on a friend’s recommendation I was able to catch one of A. Billi Free’s shows here in El Paso, and what emerged on stage was a woman who sang with her soul and reached down to awaken mine with her velvety voice and trance-like lyrics. Her music has been compared to the likes of Erykah Badu, Corrine Bailey Rae, and even Pharrell. Her sound is undoubtedly refreshing in a vast bucket of noise and stands out with her funky jazz tune in Subtle as An Everyday but then her versatility is even more apparent with her other hip hop, edm style songs, in Philosophers Stone and Magical Passes.

A. Billi Free currently resides in New Mexico and often plays shows in El Paso so be sure to not miss out on seeing her perform live for surely this artist is a hidden gem in the desert of the Southwest, but hopefully not for long.

Check out some of A. Billi Free’s music and more on her website.

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