El Paso is home to many creators, musicians and artists and now Los Visionaries aim to shake up the art scene by combining their innovative talents.

Los Visionaries is currently comprised of several artists; each with their own distinct skill set that includes architecture, graphic design, tattoo and street art, and even body painting. As individual artists they excel on their own but when brought together for their collaborative cause, they create unbelievably impressive and detailed art pieces.

Victor Soto with an architecture background along with fellow artist Edgar Lopez who’s ease with a paint brush brings the female ‘goddess’ form to life, created Los Visionaries in hopes of producing works of art that brings our community together while infusing new life into the El Paso art scene.

Other current members include Joey Delgado, Diego Martinez and Goober, all of who have had a natural artistic ability since a very young age and provide their own unique style and synergy to the circle. Rick Uribe is another member who just opened up his own tattoo shop, Enklination Tattoos in El Paso and most recently won season three of Skin Wars. Uribe not only brings his tattoo and body painting skills to the group but also his keen eye to detail. Together they pump out art and street murals across the city including a collaborative piece they most recently created for Neon Desert Music Festival which included a live model with a feather headpiece that was created on the spot (another detail by Uribe). Unfortunately that mural was stolen but the group holds no grudge against the perpetrator(s); instead they choose to believe that their art touched someone enough to go to great lengths to keep it for themselves.

This past June, Los Visionaries also worked on another outdoor mural which is their largest collective piece to date and is currently on display on a wall that stands between the El Paso Convention Center and Southwest University Park in downtown El Paso. The mural was created during StreetFest 2017 and its Creation theme follows the wall from one window portal into another beginning with the earliest of elements flourishing into earth, nature, man, and the there-after.

Their pursuit to share their vision continues with annual art shows put on by the group displaying their individual works of art, their collaborative pieces including musicians, DJ’s and poetry slams.

‘The Collective’ as they sometimes refer to the group, is rooted in their friendship with a deep mutual respect for one another and a joint work ethic. Los Visionaries are without a doubt changing up the local art scene landscape not only as individual artists but as a super group of artists who dare to dream beyond the norm creating 'visions' while adding plenty of color and a fresh perspective to a city with so much brimming talent.

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