This little pug named Milo is in need of some serious help. Can you donate to his medical expenses?

Meet Milo, a sweet pug who is in need of some serious help! Milo was rescued by a good samaritan in Juarez, where he was being severely neglected by his owners. The El Paso Pug Rescue stepped in and took Milo from the good Samaritan. After meeting Milo, the El Paso Pug Rescue decided Milo needed more help medically than was possible for the group. Milo is blind, diabetic, has a skin infection, Urinary TractInfection (UTI), a broken mandible and obvious malnutrition. Luckily for Milo, the Dallas/Fort Worth Pug Rescue Club agreed to take sweet Milo and give him the proper medical care and love he deserves.

Two members of the El Paso Pug Rescue, Amanda and Julie, drove Milo all the way to the D/FW Pug Rescue Club in Grapevine, Texas. Milo has now been renamed El Paso by the D/FW Pug Rescue Club and his battle is not over yet. He is going to need extensive medical care until he is in the proper shape to be adopted out to a loving family. Lucky for El Paso, the D/FW Pug Rescue Club is a wonderful organization that rescues ALL pugs, regardless of age or medical condition. They take care of many neglected, abused and abandoned pugs and give them the proper care, love and medical attention they deserve.

If you would like to donate funds to help out El Paso in his road to recovery, please go to the Dallas/ Fort Worth Pug Rescue Club website to donate. Simply choose between the Monthly Donation or One-Time Donation button on the left hand side of the site and click the "Donate" button. Just put under special instructions that your donation is for Milo/ El Paso!

The El Paso Pug Rescue is also doing work right here in El Paso to help out pugs in need in the Borderland. If you would like to help the El Paso Pug Rescue, please message them on their Facebook page to drop them off! Here are some items they are in need of:

We are currently feeding our Pugs the grain-free Nature's Domain dry dog food from Costco, but we're not picky!

Any basic supplies would help:
- kennels
- dog beds
- dog bowls
- dog wipes
- dog shampoo
- dog toys
- leashes
- pee pads
- pill pockets
- medium dog diapers
- poo bags

We also accept donations of old t-shirts for repurposing as dog toys. They can be in any condition since they're going to be cut up anyway.

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