There is something every pug owner has been waiting to see happen in El Paso. Pug owners will be happy to know they have a spot to party with their pug at a bar for one day and for a good cause.

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Besides, what pug owner wouldn't want to mingle with other pug owners in the borderland? This could actually be a good thing in the long run where you can make play dates with other pugs in town.

Who even knows you could possibly find love at Pugchella that The El Paso Pug Rescue will be presenting next month. So pug owners make sure you mark your calendars for Sunday, April 10 & reserve the time from 1 pm to 5 pm.

This has been something all pug owners have waited for to enjoy a Sunday Funday like this. Pugchella is where you can see your furry pal do their thing in a social atmosphere.

Pughcella will be taking place over at GoodTimes At 2626 which will be the first Pugchella by El Paso Pug Rescue. So if you are for supporting a good cause especially when it comes to pugs then make sure to stop by.

But from the looks of the flyer, it seems there will be some celebrity pugs out there as well. Make sure to get your furry best friend's outfit for Pugchella that is coming up. You can check out the list below of the pug stars that will be making an appearance at Pugchella on the flyer below.

If you're curious at all about pug hangs just refer to the pictures from past pug gatherings. The EPUG Facebook group shares about pug events and pretty much anything pug-related. EPUG also connects you to where and when the next pug hangs will be. But just refer to the pictures EPUG has shared from past pug parties in El Paso.

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