Derrick Coleman plays fullback for the Seattle Seahawks.  He’s big, he’s strong, and like everybody else that makes it to the professional level of any sport, he’s among the best in the world at what he does.  Unlike everybody else in the NFL, Derrick has been able to achieve his success while overcoming what many consider to be a pretty big obstacle.

Derrick Coleman is legally deaf but it’s clear that he doesn’t see it as a negative;

 "Being deaf, being hard of hearing is who I am, so I'm not going to let someone else come in here and say 'Oh, you're deaf’. "That's who I am. It made me who I am today."

Coleman even went on to say that he’s been able to turn his situation into a positive when playing, especially in loud stadiums.  "I can rely on reading lips. That's the advantage that most people don't have. They don't know how to read lips like when the hearing goes out what do you do? They kind of freak out."

This Duracell commercial may be the most inspiring minute I’ve been lucky enough to see.

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